XR-Sol adds the value of combining virtual and physical environments to enhance and improve performance, safety, and motivation in your company as well as for training purposes. XR-Sol provides any type of interactive virtual visualization services, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). All visualization methods that attract the user with breath-taking images, audio, and interactive scenarios. The result: exceptional involvement and improved performance.


Transforming training and other services into XR provides a number of benefits for your company. The following a glimpse of the advantages, that will definitely increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Short learning curve: Be immersed in a virtual environment, where there is less distraction. Learn by doing. You can repeat the session at the push of a button. Therefore, you will understand the procedures much faster and in your subconscious, you will get familiar with real-life situations.
  • Increased productivity: XR training leads to an improved job understanding. You will be better prepared, will, therefore, perform better and ultimately, productivity will increase. Transforming your training or services in VR, AR or MR will definitely increase your ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Play it safe: Best of both worlds: provide a hands-on experience, without being put into a costly or harmful environment. There is less risk of personal injury or damage to expensive equipment because there are no actual consequences for your actions. XR is ideal for complex assembly tasks, where training time is limited and errors are dangerous or costly.
  • Intuitive: VR, AR, MR, or any gamification technology is currently all over! Employees are familiar with it, even outside of work or training. The visualization solutions of ViReS are so intuitive, anyone can start working with them, even without training.

XR-Sol™ training tools bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning. They ensure exceptional involvement and improved performance.