TR-Tracker™ is Tactile Robotics’ custom image analysis solution for detecting any desired object. We offer the most recent algorithms and frameworks for the real-time detection of multiple objects. TR-Tracker™ leverages deep learning and/or RGB-HSV filtering to achieve the following:

  • object detection based on YOLO (You Only Look Once)
  • object classification
  • object tracking
  • hand pose estimation
  • image filtering and analysis.

We can customize TR-Tracker™ to meet your business requirements. Customized TR-Tracker™ integrates with your existing database. Don’t have a database? We also offer database creation and labeling services.

We offer optimized hardware and software solutions to run TR-Tracker™. These solutions include at least a camera, an embedded system, and our software development kit (SDK). The SDK easily connects TR-Tracker to your desired development environment, such as the Unity™ game development engine.