DT-Student App

Elevating Dental Education through Insightful Analytics!

Virtual Dental Education, Elevated. Instructors facilitate seamless virtual classes, capturing key moments with snapshots and videos. Students actively practice, receiving detailed insights from KPIs, complemented by learning curve analyses. Our automated grading further enables immediate self-assessment, refining their learning trajectory.

Enhancing dental training, our intuitive software seamlessly integrates with advanced algorithms. This synergy offers instructors precise grading tools and equips students with pivotal analytics for steady progression.

Feature Highlights

  • 24/7 Access To Course Sessions

    Enables dental instructors to have all students in a virtual classroom or pre-clinical laboratory and take attendance

  • AR-Based Video Integration

    Switch between the 4 video feeds to better understand the tool handling and the way a the task should be done, while an augmented reality (AR) feature helps to correct their posture.

  • Self-Grading

    Allows each student to automatically scan their dental prep and visualize their work in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment.

The software is tailored specifically to meet the needs of dental professionals

Students can select from preloaded rubrics or choose to create rubrics from scratch to self assess

Offers augmented reality features, enabling students to learn and mimic different handpiece motions as demonstrated by the instructor

Students gain the practical knowledge required to excel in dental education and practice

Includes a pressure box that allows students to observe and understand the pressure applied by the instructor during a dental procedure

This interactive feature can be integral in mastering the art of dental procedures

Provides access to review videos from tutorial, pre-recorded, and live sessions

Students can also view lecture notes uploaded by the instructor for specific tasks

RealFeel Sensors and Pressure Box data facilitate effective performance evaluation of students

The software allows for in-depth analysis and feedback, enhancing learning outcomes

Efficient Grading System

Enables students to self assess based on preloaded or customized rubrics

Grades can be submitted promptly on the platform and delivered to students on a specified date, ensuring quick and effective delivery