DT-Instructor App

Facilitating Instructors to Manage, Train, and Cultivate the Next Generation of Dental Professionals!

DT-Instructor App streamlines dental education assessment, empowering instructors to meticulously evaluate student practice and deliver in-depth feedback. With precise grading, students discern their strengths and areas for growth, advancing them towards proficiency in their dental endeavors.

Advancing dental education, our software integrates with state-of-the-art algorithms. This setup allows instructors to utilize precision tools for effective teaching and assessment, while also providing students with valuable insights for continuous growth.

Feature Highlights

  • Virtual Classroom

    Enables dental instructors to have all students in a virtual classroom or pre-clinical laboratory and take attendance.

  • Performance Manager

    Enables instructors to review and monitor each student’s performance using several key performance indicators (KPIs), synchronously or asynchronously.

  • Assisted-Grader

    Allows the instructor to use the outcome of the DT-PrepScanner to mark the student’s dental preps while automatically being invigilated by our camera streaming system.

Comprehensive and Customizable Software

The software is tailored specifically to meet the needs of dental professionals

Instructors can select from preloaded rubrics or choose to create rubrics from scratch

Offers augmented reality features, allowing students to learn and mimic different handpiece motions as demonstrated by the instructor

Students gain the practical knowledge required to excel in dental education and practice

Features a pressure measurement tool that allows students see and comprehend the force exerted by the instructor during dental operations

Varied pressure intensities are represented by changing colors, assisting students in gauging the appropriate force level

Instructors can upload videos from tutorial, pre-recorded, and live sessions

Instructors can also upload lecture notes depending on which task is being taught

Review and Evaluation

Data is sourced from the RealFeel handpiece for instructors, serving as a benchmark that students can reference to monitor their progress over time

The software allows for in-depth analysis and feedback, enhancing learning outcomes

Efficient Grading System

Enables instructors to grade students efficiently based on preloaded or customized rubrics

Grades can be submitted promptly on the platform and delivered to students on a specified date, ensuring quick and effective delivery