TR-DataRX allows people, researchers, and businesses to easily gather and organize the data that they need for a wide variety of projects. Our streamers are easy to use and can mount to almost any surface. Data gathered by the streamers are sent to our custom-made RX-UITM software, where you can see the data being collected and interpreted in real-time. TR-DataRX is a superior way to efficiently get the highly accurate information that you need for your work.

DataRX-W™ (Wireless)

DataRX-W™ is an advanced wireless sensor reader that comprises at least one data streamer and one receiver. DataRX-W™ records and streams sensor data to the data receiver. The receiver plugs into our custom RX-UI™ software.


DataRX-WMO™ is a modernistic sensor reader and analyzer that plugs into our custom RX-UI™ Software to read and analyze sensor data. RX-UI™ restores/plots sensor data, interprets data in real-time, and provides advanced statistical data analysis. DataRX-WMO™ mounts to  any size and structure of wheels.

Platform Integration

RX-UITM  is our custom made software that allows users to see the output of your data streamers in real-time. With RX-UITM you are able to connect multiple data streamers through either a local Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth connection. The data that is collected through the streamers is recorded and stored within the software and can be exported for further research.

We provide DataRX with its SDK, developed in .NET Standard, which is available for all supported OS platforms. The SDK easily connects DataRX to your desired development environment, such as the Unity™ game development engine.