TeleSignaller™ is a state-of-the-art wireless data communication package that sends an alarm signal to a remote site. The package includes a trigger device at the operator’s local workstation and a small receiver device at the remote site. A variety of devices can act as the trigger, such as a push-button or pedal beneath the operator’s desk.


TeleSignaller™ enables an operator to send a fully wireless alarm signal to an expert or authority located at a remote site. The alarm signal alerts the expert or authority of an abnormal incident or request for assistance at the operator’s site.

Platform Integration

TeleSignaller™ includes easy-to-use software, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Alarm signal transmission is based on the latest wireless communication techniques.


TeleSignaller™ supports a diverse range of applications:

  • Research laboratories: Lab technicians mitigate dangerous incidents involving equipment in research laboratories. But lab technicians are not always present when a researcher or student conducts an experiment in the lab. Even when following safety regulations, hazardous situations can occur. TeleSignaller™ increases the level of safety in research laboratories by immediately alerting the lab technician or security team of an incident the moment it occurs.
  • Apprentice-Instructor Training Systems: An instructor will often direct a trainee to practice tasks without supervision. But the trainee sometimes fails to perform these tasks successfully. In such cases, the trainee requires assistance from the instructor. But the instructor may be performing other tasks. TeleSignaller™ allows the trainee to remotely request assistance from the instructor when that instructor is otherwise occupied.
  • Production Industries: It is crucial that a production line stops as early as possible when its equipment fails. But delays occur when operators hesitate due to lack of knowledge. In such cases, operators must immediately alert the appropriate personnel. TeleSignaller™ allows operators to send an alert as soon as they first observe a possible fault. The alarm signal transmits wirelessly to custom software at the receiver’s end, so TeleSignaller™ replaces the need for sirens or other loud alarm devices.
  • Security Systems: TeleSignaller™ includes software that runs as a background task on the operator’s computer. This software can wirelessly connect to receiver software installed at the office of a security service. Thanks to this connection, the operator can immediately alert security that an incident is occurring. This silent, software-based alarm system helps mitigate noise-induced stress levels in the operator’s environment during an incident.

TeleSignaller™ includes two small devices for mounting at the operator and the receiver’s workstations. Pushing a button or pedal activates the operator’s device. Upon activation, the operator’s device sends a signal to the receiver’s device. The receiver’s device then sends an alert to software on the receiver’s workstation. You can customize the type of alert to suit your needs. We also offer a software-based TeleSignaller™ system that wirelessly transmits alarm signals directly between software applications installed on the operator and receiver’s workstations without a need for using a hardware system such as push-button or pedal.


Pricing for TeleSignaller™ is based on the intended use and number of units required for your alarm system. Please provide us with details of your intended use when requesting this product. The installation of the alarm system depends upon your specific application. We will provide you with installation instructions to meet your requirements.