TeleRX™ is a multi-purpose transmitter that can wirelessly transmit the data measured by a variety of sensors. TeleRX™ supports different sensors other than the Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). This support expands the functionality of TeleRX™ beyond that of DataRX-C™ and DataRX-W™.

With TeleRX™, Tactile Robotics has developed, tested, and verified the usability of state-of-the-art wireless data transmission systems for various sensor types, such as pressure sensors, humidity sensors, scale sensors, and many more. The hardware device includes custom software developed for transmitting sensor data specific to the intended application.


TeleRX™ supports a variety of applications in industries that require remote measurement of data. The product is well-suited to hazardous or difficult-to-access locations. The standard package transmits data through wireless communication, which requires a distance of fewer than 100 metres between the sensor and receiver. But an optional feature enables transmission further afield through a cloud-based platform (i.e., teleoperation).


TeleRX™ supports a wide range of sensor types:

  • Humidity Sensors: The agricultural industry needs to constantly monitor humidity levels to ensure crops remain within an acceptable humidity threshold. TeleRX™ can wirelessly transmit humidity sensor data to satisfy industry demand on large and small scales. The mining industry also requires a consistent measurement of soil humidity. TeleRX™ can meet this requirement with the option of transferring data to a remote site through a cloud-based platform.
  • Temperature Sensors: TeleRX™ can wirelessly transmit temperature sensor data to a remote site for monitoring.
  • Pressure Sensors: TeleRX™ can wirelessly transmit data from a variety of pressure sensor types. This application supports pressure monitoring in a variety of contexts, such as hydraulic and pneumatic machinery. Because the output of pressure sensors is usually analog, TeleRX™ is equipped with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) which can be substituted for expensive data acquisition systems available in the market.
  • Strain Gauges: TeleRX™ can wirelessly transmit sensor data that measures deformation and length change. This supports various applications, such as when multiple strain gauges are attached to a human body for rehabilitation research. TeleRX™ can distinguish and transfer data from different strain gauges to a remote station.
  • Loadcell Sensors: TeleRX™ can wirelessly transmit loadcell sensor data. When mounted to a structure below soil or to a bridge, this module supports remote monitoring of the amount of load applied to that structure.
  • Flowmeters: TeleRX™ can wirelessly transmit flowmeter data to monitor the flow rate of various fluids. Similar to pressure sensors, because the output of flowmeters is usually analog, TeleRX™ is equipped with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

TeleRX™ can connect to different sensor systems to serve diverse purposes. Please provide us with details of your intended use when ordering this product. In some cases, we may need to customize the included software to meet your specific needs. This customization enables the efficient integration of TeleRX™ into your existing infrastructure and workflow.


Pricing for TeleRX™ is based on the type and configuration of sensor(s) required for your intended use of the product.