PrepScanner™ App

Where Precision Meets Proficiency in Dental Grading!

With the capability to streamline lengthy tooth grading process, the DT-PrepScanner app serves as a dedicated platform for instructors and students to digitalize dental evaluations. Its features are designed to aid students in building a solid foundation for enhanced prep techniques

The DT-PrepScanner app elevates dental assessment by integrating sophisticated software with advanced algorithms, providing instructors precise grading tools and offering students vital analytics for continual advancement.

Feature Highlights

  • VR-Based Rendering

    Automatic measurement of the dimension and angles of a dental prep and visualizing the 3D and 2D models using an interactive graphical user interface (GUI)

  • A Library of Course Rubrics

    Access to a library of course rubrics set by the instructor is available in the cloud

  • Performance Manager

    Enables instructors to review and mark each student’s prep without using any physical tools

• The DT-PrepScanner software comes pre-loaded with numerous rubrics for instructors to select and grade students

Instructors can also create custom rubrics from scratch to measure values of their preference

• Students can view the instructor’s prep and compare it to an intact tooth

• Students can also self-assess their work by directly comparing their prep with the instructor’s


Facilitates a direct comparison between the instructor’s prep view and the students’ view

Serves as a valuable reference to understand grading discrepancies and the rationale behind the assigned grades

The scanner ensures precision in dental measurements by providing 2D and 3D models of intact and scanned prep

Measure from different variables such as distance, convergence, angle, and smoothness. Create reference points to use for grading

Laser sensing technology is used to detect potential errors in tooth preps

Allows for automated and digital grading, enhancing accuracy and fairness and expediting the grading process for each student

Grading settings can be customized according to individual preferences

Instructors have the authority to adjust grading criteria based on their desired level of stringency or leniency towards students