The Ultimate Tool for Advanced Dental Training and Assessment!

The DT-PrepScanner is an advanced dental scanning device that revolutionizes dental education with its cutting-edge robotic precision and laser technology. It accurately assesses and grades tooth preps, providing immediate feedback to dental students.

With its user-friendly design, efficient scanning capabilities, and comprehensive evaluation features, the DT-PrepScanner empowers students to refine their dental skills, make informed decisions, and excel in their dental education.

Master the art of dental education with the DT-Prepscanner™: A fusion of robotic precision and laser technology. Designed to empower students with immediate, detailed feedback; it also enable instructors to grade more efficiently and effectively

Feature Highlights

The scanner delivers reliable scans with a precision of up to 20 microns

Simply insert the tooth prep into the tooth holder, allow the necessary scan time, and effortlessly assess and grade your work using the DT-PrepScanner software

Allows students to seamlessly scan their prep tooth for on-the-spot evaluations

Empowers students with the ability to self-grade, pinpoint potential inaccuracies, and optimize their tooth preps

Utilizing its integrated camera, the system offers immediate visuals of the tooth prep and efficiently scans adjacent teeth for potential damages

Utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to transition grading from quantitative to qualitative evaluations