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iMotus™ Wheelchair Edition


Enhance your wheelchair mobility with the power of iMotus™!

The Wheelchair edition of iMotus™ has sensors for the right and left wheels, enabling real-time data recording, analysis, and plotting while the user drives a wheelchair or any mobile vehicle with a differential drive mechanism. It offers wireless data transfer to any computer, and easy mounting on various wheel shapes and sizes.

The iMotus-W sensor complements the system by reading and analyzing data through our custom iMotus software, providing real-time interpretations and advanced statistical analysis for sensor data. The iMotus™ software is downloadable from Microsoft Store for free.


Empowering Mobility with Real-time Data, Wireless Transfer, Easy Mounting and Advanced Analysis for Unleashing Your Independence!

Metrics & KPIs

•  Precise navigation for wheelchair users by tracking kinematic parameters

•  Using data to detect sudden changes in orientation, facilitating timely alerts for potential tip over

•  Testing in any indoor and outdoor environment without the need for an internet connection, suitable for off-grid/remote communities

•  Use data for precise localization and calibration by integrating sensor data with wheel encoders and external references

•  Data assists in dynamic path planning and following trajectories, enhancing the robot’s efficiency in complex environments

•  Use data to maintain stability by detecting and compensating for tilting, ensuring the robot’s balance during movement


Bikes and Scooters

•  Quantify motion and analyze performance, offering athletes and amateurs insights into their riding dynamics

•  Record and export comprehensive data history, enabling in-depth analysis and tracking of progress over time

•  Enhance training strategies and refine techniques by utilizing iMotus-generated data, contributing to improved riding skills and the overall user experience

•  Enable autonomous navigation in GPS-denied environments by providing continuous position and orientation updates

•  Data assists in analyzing terrain conditions and adjusting vehicle parameters for optimal performance

•  Use data to contribute to maintaining stability during high-speed maneuvers by detecting tilting and triggering corrective actions


DynamicMotion Tracking

•  Elevate athlete performance insights with valuable motion recording capabilities

•  Empowering sports medicine through data-driven insights into seated human motion, with a focus on wheelchair users

•  Enhancing virtual reality experiences through precise movement tracking for improved immersion


Dynamic Feedback and Control

•  Use the API to provide immediate data on vehicle dynamics, aiding in adaptive control strategies and enhancing safety

•  Information is used in active suspension systems to adjust vehicle damping and improve ride comfort

•  Correct sensor drift, ensuring accurate perception and control in autonomous systems