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Power of iMotus App: Connect, Real-Time Data Insights, Limitless Possibilities!

iMotus™ is our proprietary user-friendly software that allows users to see the output of their data streamers in real time. With the iMotus app, you can connect multiple data streamers through Bluetooth.

The data collected through the streamers are recorded and stored within the software and can be exported for further research. The iMotus software is freely downloadable on the Microsoft Store, Google Play and the App Store.

Free Download, User Friendly, Seamlessly Connect, Monitor, and Analyze Real-Time Data, Accessible from Anywhere on any Device!

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor the results in real-time

    iMotus enables you to monitor the results of each experiment in real-time interactively, understand how the user is performing, and prevent incorrect data collection.

  • Export experiment data

    Upon test completion, you can access the collected results as well as previous experiments and download data in desired formats like .csv or Excel, facilitating in-depth analysis and personalized KPIs that fit your student's field.

  • Configure multiple sensors at the same time

    The software supports multiple iMotus-S sensors, enabling you to read, analyze, restore plot, and interpret data in real time. For example, you can position multiple sensor units on a human body to measure human motion and conduct kinematic analysis. This approach eliminates the need for expensive and unnatural HD camera lab settings.

  • Advanced statistical analysis toolbox

    Using iMotus, you can statistically analyze the collected data and receive information about the type of data collected, along with some statistical indices. However, by exporting data tests in your desired format, you can apply more statistical techniques to obtain further results for your reports and publications.

•  Monitor live motion through wireless sensors, visualize measured Euler angles (Roll, Pitch, Yaw), and gain parametric insights

•  Enables real-time monitoring of various physical measures, providing performance insights and ensuring accurate data collection

•  Enables real-time monitoring of kinematics measures, including velocity, acceleration and jerk components

•  Monitor the wheel’s orientation, speed, linear velocity, and total distance travelled

•  Evaluate motion steadiness (jerk index) and smoothness (speed index) for an optimized user experience

•  Collecting real-time motion, orientation, and position data via integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers

•  Enabling accurate analysis and valuable insights into dynamic object behavior across diverse applications

•  Empowering clients to create custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using recorded data from the file

Data Extraction and Export

•  Effortlessly extract and export experimental data across various dates, durations, and point counts, supporting .csv and Excel formats

•  Utilize exported data to enhance client performance analysis, facilitating refined follow-up and care strategies over time

•  Empower clinicians with the ability to generate individual client files, streamlining report sharing via email