iManus™ Patient App


Seamless Therapy Progress, Captured Effortlessly Anytime, Anywhere

The iManus app provides a seamless experience for patients. By wearing the glove and using the app, a wireless link forms between the glove’s sensors and the app via home Wi-Fi.

This connection enables patients to record video and audio of their therapy sessions, while performance metrics tied to tasks are effortlessly stored in the cloud. Even if internet connectivity is absent during a task, patients can upload the data to the cloud at their convenience.

The iManus Patient App rigorously evaluates tasks, delivering real-time/offline results to therapists. Accessible KPIs/materials offer concise patient insights and comprehensive performance tracking for both patients and therapists.

Feature Highlights

  • Monitor the results in real-time

    iManus allows real-time monitoring of practice sessions, fostering interactive engagement and immediate understanding of progress. The integrated chatroom enables communication with therapists and the option to leave messages for future reference.

  • Record and share data

    Following test completion, accessing session results and comparing them with past sessions is effortless. Sharing these results with your therapist(s) is also a seamless option

  • Advanced statistical analysis toolbox

    With iManus, you can utilize collected data for statistical analysis, gaining insights into the progression of your treatment stage

•  Through the app, patients can access computed and recorded performance outcomes

•  Advanced data visualization tools enable an intuitive understanding of performance

•  Features an intuitive graphical user interface, the iManus patient app boasts a user-friendly design that’s easy to learn and navigate

•  Its seamless functionality extends to both Android and iOS platforms

Portability and Progress Tracking

•  The app installation and use are straightforward, supported by a comprehensive user manual for guidance

•  Patient history is preserved, and progress is synchronized seamlessly