iManus™ Therapist App

Empowering Progress, Enhancing Care with Precision Assessment and Seamless Insights

The system conducts a rigorous scientific assessment of the patient’s task execution and promptly delivers the results to the therapist through their desktop application, either in real-time or offline.

Both the patient and therapist can access key performance indicators (KPIs) and audiovisual materials. The patient receives concise and synthesized information, while the therapist gains access to pre-analyzed graphs and tables, facilitating a comprehensive review of performance progression over time.

iManus Therapist App rigorously evaluates tasks, sharing real-time/offline results with accessible KPIs. Therapists access concise insights and pre-analyzed and processed results and graphs for performance reviews.

Feature Highlights

  • Virtual Clinic

    Enables therapists to virtually engage with patients, assign practice tasks, and access their treatment history.

  • Performance Manager

    Empowers therapists to assess and oversee patient performance using multiple key performance indicators (KPIs), both synchronously and asynchronously

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment

    Enables therapists to quantitatively assess patient progress using practice session outcomes and qualitatively evaluate progress through patient-shared recorded videos

• Therapists connect using a dedicated web service

• Monitor patient performance, assign tasks, and track progress through a unified interface

• Therapists can assess patient performance using various KPIs for quantitative evaluation.

• Qualitative assessment is possible through patient-recorded videos

• Therapists and patients engage in real-time online training or task assignments for independent completion of tasks available for patient convenience

• Therapist reviews progress and feedback offline for guidance and offers additional instructions or recommendations based on the review