Sensory-enabled Progress: Personalized Rehabilitation for Stronger Journeys

The patient is provided with a sensorized glove to wear on the impaired hand. The patient then follows the instructions given by the therapist using the same glove, and the KPIs are compared over time to assess the achieved performance.

In this way, a high level of personalization is achieved since the performance targets are assessed for the patient compared to their previous tasks, tailored to the specific patient.

iManus is a portable smart glove platform for upper limb rehab, offering tailored tasks and progress tracking. It uses a sensorized glove to guide patients, comparing their performance over time for personalized rehabilitation.

Feature Highlights

  • Paired Gloves

    Assessing the function of the impaired hand over time using a sensorized glove

  • Flexible and versatile

    Exceling in flexibility and versatility by accommodating diverse rehabilitation needs and adapting to various upper limb disabilities and conditions for personalized recovery programs

  • Advanced Sensor Technology

    Each glove is fitted with two advanced sensory systems to capture various kinematic and dynamic attributes of hand movements.

•  Upon wearing the gloves and launching the mobile app, an automatic wireless connection is established between the glove’s sensory system and the app, utilizing either home WiFi or cellular network

•  Patient data is seamlessly and automatically stored in the cloud

•  Patient’s private details, medical history, and progress records are treated as highly confidential

•  They are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption and accessible only to authorized therapists designated by the patient

•  iManus enables effortless communication and collaboration between therapists and patients

•  iManus serves as a centralized hub for therapists to monitor performance, assign tasks, and offer real-time feedback, all through a user-friendly interface