The Perfect Solution for Transforming Video Tracking and Data Analysis!

CV-SmartVision™ (CageView-SmartVision) is an innovative animal tracking device that is revolutionizing the field of animal behavior research. This system has been designed to transform the way we observe, analyze, and comprehend animal behavior, movement, and activity.

By enhancing research efficiency and accuracy, CV-SmartVision provides researchers with a cost-effective and comprehensive method for conducting standard behavioral tests on animals, ensuring precise data collection across a wide range of experimental designs.


CV-SmartVision™ offers state-of-the-art capabilities to monitor and analyze animal behavior efficiently and accurately. Its advanced features provide researchers with the tools they need for in-depth analysis, making it a game-changer in animal behavior research.

Feature Highlights


Seamlessly integrates with CageView app, providing a user-friendly platform

It allows to import and analyze precise behavior data from live mouse tracking

This integration empowers researchers across fields to leverage advanced technology for their studies


Uses advanced tracking technology to record real-time animal behavior and movement

Offers researchers highly accurate insights into movement patterns and interactions


A state-of-the-art platform offering advanced features for in-depth animal behavior analysis

Ideal for demanding research protocols

Empower scientists to explore complex behavioral patterns with ease



•  Streamlines research by automating monitoring tasks and data synchronization

Researchers experience increased efficiency as it reduces manual data collection efforts

Empowers researchers to dedicate more time and energy to their scientific investigations


Finds applications in various research fields, including neuroscience, psychology, pharmacology, and more

Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for researchers in diverse scientific disciplines


Accessible to all researchers with its user-friendly interface and no specialized training required

• Researchers can conduct comprehensive behavioural tests on animals in a cost-effective manner