Cageview™ App

The Perfect Solution for Rodent Food Access and Activity Monitoring Data Generation!

The CageView app, a versatile and user-friendly tool, is readily available for free download on the Microsoft Store. It allows researcher to effortlessly generate extensive data for SmartFeeder and SmartVision across multiple units simultaneously.The app offers comprehensive insights into feeding and fasting schedules for up to 5 weeks as well as a detailed lid event history.

Researchers can efficiently monitor experiments, visualize rodent movement in statistical and visual formats, and customize graphical representations. Moreover, the app streamlines data analysis for publication by facilitating data export in CSV formats and saving graphical outputs in PNG format.

CageView App offers free access to effortless simultaneous multi-unit data generation for SmartFeeder and SmartVision and simplifying data analysis for smarter publications.

Feature Highlights

Easily accessible and free downloadable app from Microsoft Store

Seamlessly connect with SmartFeeder and SmartVision via built-in or external Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, respectively

Ready SmartFeeder and SmartVision wirelessly scanned through the CageView app, allowing for individual setup based on experimental requirements


Conveniently adjust diets and modify feeding/fasting schedules for an experiment

Effortlessly save, load, and apply custom diet schedules across multiple CageView within the app


Monitoring SmartFeeder opening and closure lid events, including the current lid state

Calendar in the app allows selecting specific dates to view logs, providing flexibility in data analysis

Daily events recorded and sorted by descending time order

Seamless rodent detection with a detector network powered by real-time GPU processing

Precise cage alignment for reliable tracking of rodent positions and real-time activity heatmap

Instant insights into behaviour patterns through live updates of rodent movement trajectories

Seamlessly store ongoing trajectories upon turning off the detector network

Simply explore and review previous rodent movement paths

Customizable histogram intervals, from 10min to 1hour, offering insightful visuals of movement patterns

Extract and export trajectory metrics, such as dates, durations, and point counts, in .csv format and graphs in PNG format

Use two cameras to monitor rodent activities in 3D

Positioning of two SmartVision for precise spatial tracking of rodent movements

Use the .csv file to calculate more metric such as average velocity over time