Our Story

In 2018, Tactile Robotics was born from the visionary minds of Dr. Yaser Maddahi and Dr. Ali Maddahi, both PhDs in engineering, and Dr. Maryam Kalvandi, an accomplished dentist. Together, they forged our flagship product, DenTeach, a revolutionary portable dental training platform. But this venture was more than commerce; it was a journey of collaboration, education, innovation, and rapid growth.

As a deep technology firm, we blend haptics, robotics, AI, cloud tech, and instrumentation to tackle healthcare training inefficiencies. Our dynamic team of engineers, developers, roboticists, statisticians, scientists, and health experts converge to reshape EdTech — our passion for technology’s potential drives us to serve clients with meticulous detail and unwavering professionalism.

Guided by visionary engineers, developers, dentists, scientists, and physicians, Tactile Robotics pioneers the fusion of medical and industrial technology globally. Our prowess birthed sensor-based instruments across helthscience and engineering. Our patented products, including DenTeach™ and DT-PrepScanner™, earned acclaim from Canada’s top scientists and partners.