Mission and Vision


At Tactile Robotics, we are dedicated to redefining dental education and training. Our mission is to integrate advanced technologies like AI, robotics, and sensor systems specifically into dental training, enhancing both learning and teaching experiences.

  • Equip dental professionals with innovative tools that blend seamlessly with traditional teaching methods.

  • Develop advanced, sensor-based systems to improve skill acquisition, efficiency, and precision in dental education.

  • Lead advancements in dental training through collaborative research, aiming for accurate dental practices and superior patient care.


Our vision at Tactile Robotics, shaped by DenTeach and PrepScanner, is to redefine dental education and care. We aim to ensure every dental professional is equipped with advanced training tools and every patient benefits from the highest standards of dental care. Our focus is on leading the transformation in dental education and patient care through innovative, data-driven solutions, making precision and excellence in dentistry universally accessible. We aspire to be at the forefront of this revolution, enhancing both learning and patient outcomes worldwide.