A portable and easy-to-use smart glove tele-rehabilitation platform. It provides an evidence-based program with a wide range of supervised rehabilitation tasks for patients with acute or chronic upper limb disabilities due to neurologic conditions. Enabling access to remote hand therapy, iManus inexpensively provides patients with an effective, continuous relationship with their therapist.


Sensorized Gloves

The patient wears a pair of sensorized gloves, one on the impaired hand, and the other on the unimpaired hand. The rationale for the dual-glove configuration is that the best criterion for measuring the quality of hand motion in the patient is to compare the performance of the impaired hand to the unimpaired hand. This way, a high level of personalization is achieved since the performance targets are unique and tailored to the specific patient.

Mobile app

When the patient is wearing the gloves and opens the mobile app, the glove’s sensory system and the mobile app are wirelessly connected on the home Wifi internet system. The patient can record both video and audio of the rehab session, and the task KPIs can be automatically saved to the cloud.


Therapists Web Application

The system performs a scientific analysis of the patient’s task performance and presents the output to the therapist, in real-time or offline, via their desktop application. The KPIs and audiovisual files are accessible to both the patient and therapist. While the patient is presented with processed and summarized information, the therapist has access to the pre-processed graphs and tables, enabling the therapist to review the evolution of performance over time.