EDI Pledge (Our Commitment to Diversity)

Advancing Together

At Tactile Robotics, diversity is in our DNA. We’re driving progress by embracing diversity across our firm and in the companies we work with. We proudly support women and individuals of diverse backgrounds in leadership roles. Our Tactile Robotics Fellows program reflects this commitment, with nearly 86% Visible Minorities, 36% women, and 14% Black representation in 2023. We understand that diverse teams are not just ethical but also smart for business.

Our Pledge

Tactile Robotics is dedicated to nurturing a diverse and vibrant ecosystem that empowers our clients and teams. We believe that true industry potential is realized when we celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity, encompassing race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ideology, and abilities.

Our Policy

We stand firmly against all forms of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or bullying. As representatives of Tactile Robotics, we expect all our employees to uphold this within and beyond the workplace. We stand by our Diversity Pledge.


This policy applies to all current Tactile Robotics employees (full-time, part-time, and contractors) and those conducting business on our behalf. It extends to all work-related contexts, including off-site activities, business trips, events, and interactions with third parties, from entrepreneurs to vendors.


Our commitment extends to maintaining a workplace free from all forms of unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. We reject behaviours such as offensive words, bullying, unwelcome advances, derogatory remarks, or hostile acts towards any group.


We unequivocally prohibit retaliation against those who raise concerns under this policy. It is both against the law and against our principles.

Complaint Procedure

To report any incident involving a Tactile Robotics employee or an individual at our events, contact EDI.Pledge@tactilerobotics.ca. Rest assured, reports will be handled confidentially and investigated thoroughly. In case of substantiated harassment, we will promptly take action to eliminate the conduct and impose appropriate discipline.

Contact for Reporting Harassment or Discrimination as well as Diversity and Inclusion Inquiries: Dr. Maryam Kalvandi, at mkalvandi@tactilerobotics.ca.