What is DenTeach?

DenTeach™ is an advanced teaching-learning platform that complements traditional methods by utilizing industry 4.0 technology, seamlessly integrating and synchronizing VAF and patients poster between the instructor and the student in real-time by using DT-Rightway™ Dental Articulator.

DenTeach and COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, dental schools are left wondering how they will be able to deliver course materials while communities need to maintain social distancing. We all need smart ways to keep learning dental science. DenTeach™ and DT-Rightway™ articulator allow for dental instructors to deliver courses while complying with pandemic norms and staying safe.

DenTeach™ Student Workstation

Benefits for Dental Colleges

  • A long-term investment to hold for more than a year or throughout a crisis
  • A strategic investment that uses the advanced concept of IoDT
  • Reduce the impact of unpredictable events, such as COVID-19 on the quality of learning
  • Establish a better curriculum and grade more objectively by using fact-based metrics
  • Objective and fair student assessments (grades)
  • Link technology to current and future platforms
  • Continuously improving their relative accreditation index

Benefits for Dental Students

  • Enhance the hands-on experience and use technology to improve performance
  • Demonstrating objective assessment techniques (metrics)
  • Finding new ways to reduce subjectivity
  • Improving class performance trends
  • Utilizing new methods that mimic real-life scenarios for teaching
  • Emulating a real dental clinic through patient posture and real environment
  • Holistic teaching and learning using sight, sound and touch
  • Researching and adopting new technology

DenTeach™ Instructor Station

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