Tactile Robotics Receives New NRC-IRAP Funding

Tactile Robotics receives new NRC-IRAP funding to develop and verify an automated, powder-free dental prep-check scanner based on laser sensory systems, which will be realized in a single-shot multifocal approach using a multi degrees of freedom robotic platform. The platform will be able to scan dental preparations while optimizing the measurement uncertainty, scan speed, and overall performance of the device.

Our History in Space Surgery

It’s a dangerous job being an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS). If someone onboard is injured or falls ill, and requires emergency surgery, they’re a long way from help. University of Manitoba engineering professor Ekram Hossain is collaborating with colleagues at the University of Calgary to make space travel a bit safer. The Robot-Assisted Space Telemetry (RAST) program…