Mechanical Product Design Engineer (REF NO:TR-RD-2020-016)

About Us

Tactile Robotics is a Canadian technology development and consulting company that employs haptic, robotics, and instrumentation technologies to develop sensory-based instruments for medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation therapy, engineering, and other industries. We bring together a talented team of engineers, roboticists, statisticians, scientists, and health science experts from universities across Canada. Our team designs and fabricates custom-made robotized and sensorized systems with state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates device-to-device communication through the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and Internet of Dental Things (IoDT).

We are seeking consulting services for a Mechanical Product Design Engineer.

Qualifications and Experience: Mechanical Product Design Engineer

We believe that the ideal candidate has the following qualifications and experiences:

  1. University or Institute qualifications in Mechanical, or Electro-Mechanical Engineering with minimum 5-10 years of industry experience

Main Responsibilities

  1. Participate in new products to build and design prototypes for review, perform tests, and finalize product design to facilitate mass production
  2. Analyze new components, materials, and technologies to evaluate functionality for all new product development
  3. Participate in and promote continuous product improvement initiatives
  4. Approve prototypes of new designs, conduct performance analysis of prototypes, and ensure assemblage of products follow company requirements and quality parameters
  5. Rapid prototyping of new designs using a 3D printer
  6. Infield testing of products currently in development and using results to continuously improve product designs
  7. Design and development molding/tooling based on part designs
  8. Prepare design documentation for new products and components such as drawings, engineering specifications, and test reports
  9. Design products and components utilizing prescribed tools such as QFD, CAD, DFMA
  10. Participate in the full development cycle, from requirements analysis, design, development, implementation, validation, documentation, and on-going support
  11. Assemble and component design including, concept generation, 3D modeling, material selection, stress analysis, etc
  12. Hold design reviews and manage the Bill of Materials for production assemblies
  13. Research and develop systems solutions for identified market opportunities
  14. Participate in “make versus buy” decisions for components and/or assemblies
  15. Analyze operational efficiency for components and/or assemblies to determine if a more efficient design or manufacturing method can be implemented
  16. Develop project plans, coordinate activities, and report on project status
  17. Work in multi-function/new product development teams, including program and product management, manufacturing engineering, supply chain management, and production

Success Factors

To be successful in this role, we believe that you possess the following skills, competencies & characteristics:

  1. Well-developed organizational skills with the ability to manage a variety of tasks
  2. Strong proficiency with MS Office
  3. Must have real-world experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and respect for differences
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  5. Ability to work well independently and as part of a strong team
  6. Familiar with volume production processes including casting, extrusions, powder metal, injection molding, precision machining sheet metal fabrication, and welding
  7. Thorough knowledge of various materials and secondary coatings
  8. Proficient in design procedures, specifications, and engineering software/simulation tools
  9. Strong ability to produce reliable cost-effective designs for industrial applications
  10. Strong understanding of test methodology and design of experiments

Anticipated start date



The salary will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate.

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