CageView is a programable, sensorized, and easy-to-handle enclosure which can be used in research centers focusing on biomedical research and animal science. It is designed to provide  tightly controlled conditions where food and water intake, behavior, drug ingestion, and exercise intensity  require  accurate measurement. It eliminates the need for technicians to measure intake and change the conditions. Although it has comprehensive and unique features, CageView has a competitive price compared to similar products and is completely affordable for research laboratories.

cageview full setup transparent 2 (LRG)


In most biomedical research studies with rodents (mice and rats), it’s important to provide their daily and hourly food share in a predetermined manner. CageView can be programmed to add, remove, or switch the food sources (up to 2 dishes) anytime and from almost anywhere.


CageView is programmable to monitor and record the activities of animals using a camera or a combination of sensors and markers on the body.


CageView can monitor and record the activities of an animal during the time it is playing with the exercise wheel or treadmill using a set of encoders.