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Dentlist™ is a cloud-based solution that helps practices manage their inventory, assets, warehouse, and other special requirements. DentList is a cross platform software that allows users to access the system via desktops, tablets, or smartphones. DentList-Guide you through training, consulting, and implementation in your clinic. Our 24/7 service and support are offered online or on-site.

Caring4Dementia™ (C4D) is an app under development in partnership with the University of Manitoba and Tactile Robotics. The app provides people caring for a person living with dementia, with a useful and intuitive training tool targeting communication skills.

Background and objective

Memory impairment is one of the main cognitive issues that contribute to the inability to live independently. Memory impairment in the early stages of dementia limits memory processes and reduces older people’s autonomy when performing more complex daily activities, which alters their interaction with people around them. It concurrently causes deterioration of emotional control, social behavior, and motivation.

Although dementia is not necessarily part of aging per se, it still represents one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide. Caring4Dementia™ offers an Information and Computer Technology (ICT) mobile application (app) that provides people, caring for a person with dementia (PwD), with a useful and intuitive training tool. The application will allow the application of novel approaches to educating people caring for PwD, and will teach them how to:

  • manage difficult behaviors
  • deal with refusal deal with tensions manage work-life demands
  • access and manage services

Giving back to our community

The Caring4Dementia™ App is released for free in 2 steps. The initial release is for 3 months and includes questionnaires whose results will allow us to improve the app following the needs of the caregivers. Improvements will be added to the final version. We strive to create a community of users around the C4D App and we proudly believe that the information shared will help thousands of people around the world.

How to access the app?

The application is available on App Store and Google Play! Download today.

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