About us

Tactile Robotics is a Canadian technology development and consulting company that employs haptic, robotics, and instrumentation technologies to develop sensory-based instruments for medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation therapy, engineering, and other industries. We bring together a talented team of engineers, roboticists, statisticians, scientists, and health science experts from universities across Canada. Our team designs and fabricates custom-made robotic systems with state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates device-to-device communication through the Internet of Things (IoT). We also provide technical consultation services in these areas.
Tactile Robotics is renowned for innovative solutions that educate dental students and patients around the world. Our expertise blends networked, medical robotics with dental simulation and diagnostics.
Led by a visionary and innovative team of engineers, dentists, and physicians, Tactile Robotics delivers the best of medical and industrial technology to the global market.