About Us

Tactile Robotics is a Canadian technology development and consulting company that employs haptic, robotics, and instrumentation technologies to develop sensory-based instruments for medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation therapy, engineering, and other industries. We bring together a talented team of engineers, roboticists, statisticians, scientists, and health science experts from universities across Canada. Our team designs and fabricates custom-made robotized and sensorized systems with state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates device-to-device communication through the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Internet of Dental Things (IoDT).

Led by a visionary and innovative team of engineers, software developers, dentists, scientists, and physicians, Tactile Robotics delivers the best of medical and industrial technology to the global market. We also provide technical consultation services in these areas.

Our Mission & Vision

We are a team passionate about technology and how it can help our future. We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients by being attentive to all their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach.


Through state-of-the-art research and development, Tactile Robotics:

  • Contributes to improving the quality of education of dental trainees using robotized and sensorized systems
  • Develops robotic technologies to help people live independently with dignity
  • Innovates instrumented platforms for upper limb rehabilitation of patients and people with disability
  • Proposes technological solutions to provide integrated care services in healthcare organizations
  • Provides robotic technologies and instrumentation for First Nations to advance healthcare in off-grid communities
  • Helps research centers develop¬†iFloor¬†laboratories, platforms that integrate research concept, planning, action, and reason of research projects

We will provide innovative engineering solutions and leadership by:

  • Developing robotized and sensorized systems to advance healthcare systems and industry
  • Inventing educational tools to improve the hands-on training of novice trainees
  • Forming strong national and global collaborations with healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, universities, and funding agencies