SaaSPLUS Platform Features

SaSPLUS Features

SaaSPLUS Platform Realizations


DenTeach™ is an advanced teaching-learning platform that complements traditional methods by utilizing Industry 4.0 technology, seamlessly integrating and synchronizing VAF and patient’s posture between the instructor and the student in real-time.

DT-PrepScanner is an automated measuring device that provides fast, precise, and objective tooth prep grading using laser technology by the means of two synchronized robotic platforms.

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Students will be using our DT-Student™ and DT-PrepScanner™. The DT-Student allows students to take their dental training almost anywhere. It synchronizes the video, audio, and feel of the instructor’s lessons to their own device and handpiece, enhancing their learning experience. The DT-PrepScanner is a highly accurate measuring tool that utilizes laser technology to measure the surface of a tooth allowing users to assess their performance.


Our DT-Instructor™ model is an easy-to-use device that let’s instructors record their lessons ahead of time. It records instructor’s movements from four different camera angles, allowing students to see a 360-degree view of the lessons.



CageView is a programable, sensorized, and easy-to-handle enclosure which can be used in research centers focusing on biomedical research and animal science. It is designed to provide tightly controlled conditions where food and water intake, behavior, drug ingestion, and exercise intensity  require  accurate measurement.



iManus is a portable and easy-to-use smart glove tele-rehabilitation platform. It enables access to remote hand therapy. iManus inexpensively provides patients with an effective, continuous relationship with their therapist.

The patients’ gloves pair with our custom-built app which allows them to get the care they need from almost anywhere.

Therapists will have access to their patients’ activities as well as being able to assign appropriate exercises through our web application. They can also review patients’ performance history and analyze the results.



TR-DataRX allows people, researchers, and businesses to easily gather and organize the data that they need for a wide variety of projects. Our streamers are easy to use and can mount to almost any surface. Data gathered by the streamers are sent to our custom-made RX-UITM software, where you can see the data being collected and interpreted in real-time.